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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy is one of the most ideal solutions for pain.

People who are experiencing pain deal with a multitude of issues. For one thing, they have to cope with the discomfort that the pain causes. It is also typical for pain to disrupt the ability to get sleep and rest. Pain can also:

  • Prevent a patient from completing regular activities like work and exercise
  • Prevent a patient from enjoying extracurricular activities with loved ones


How Physical Therapy is Performed

A physical therapist is the type of health practitioner who performs physical therapy. The therapy includes a variety of approaches, such as movements and exercises that involve stretching and strengthening areas of the body. Those movements and activities at times require equipment like exercise equipment and other times do not require any equipment because the physical therapist performs them with his or her hands.

The physical therapist tailors the therapy appointments to the patient’s individual needs and challenges. The practitioner typically begins the movements gradually by slowly building up to more challenging and intense movements.

Sometimes the physical therapy also gives the patient exercises and activities to do in between appointments at home. This can prove to be a key part of the treatment protocol because it keeps the progress going in between appointments.

The therapist serves as an encouraging influence by helping to remind the patient that the pain can decrease and the medical condition can improve. This is especially beneficial for patients who feel discouraged by the pain.

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Candidates for Physical Therapy

A patient who is experiencing pain or discomfort in any area of the body can be a candidate for physical therapy. The pain might be in the neck, shoulder, arm, hand, back, hip, knee, leg, foot, or elsewhere. Males and females of all ages can benefit from physical therapy. The treatment can be beneficial after an event like an illness or injury. In many instances, the patient’s doctor prescribes physical therapy for a period of time.

What to Expect

Many patients need physical therapy appointments on a regular basis for a period of time, such as several weeks or months. In some instances, appointments take place in a clinic. In other instances, and depending on the individual patient’s medical condition and pain, the appointments take place in a different setting, such as the patient’s home.

Physical Therapist Details

Physical therapists complete a rigorous training program to gain the credentials necessary to enter the profession. It is important that patients seek out highly qualified practitioners who have experience with the type of pain for which they need help.

Physical therapy can be a wonderfully effective treatment for patients experiencing any type of pain. It is a generally safe and noninvasive treatment that has been helping people get out of pain for many years.

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I have been dealing with pain ever since a car accident years ago but really didn't want to resort to surgery. Los Angeles Pain Specialist has helped me and was patient with me while finding a non-invasive option.
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I wasn't sure I would ever be able to sleep through the night again, but the doctors here have worked with me to help alleviate pain I thought I would have to live with forever.
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