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Stem Cell Therapy in Los Angeles

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Stem cells have the ability to transform into many different types of human cells.

These undifferentiated cells are naturally produced by the body in response to injuries. When tissue damage is significant, however, the body may not be able to send enough of these cells to the location where they are needed. One solution for this problem is stem cell therapy in Los Angeles.

Similar to PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, SCT is a treatment that involves the injection of undefined cells into the affected area.


Why Consider Stem Cell Therapy in Los Angeles?

Stem cell therapy is also similar to PRP therapy in that it initially drew attention for its use to treat or speed up the healing of sports-related injuries such as strains, sprains, and knee and shoulder injuries. SCT may also benefit patients experiencing pain and other symptoms related to:

  • Various forms of arthritis
  • Joint-related injuries or conditions
  • Certain immune system and neurological disorders
  • Soft tissue injuries

How Do You Get Ready for SCT?

Stem cell therapy in Los Angeles isn’t going to be your first attempt at treating injuries or managing ongoing or recurring discomfort. But if you aren’t responding well to pain medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, massage therapy, and therapeutic exercises, SCT may be recommended. Preparation typically involves a physical exam and standard diagnostic and image tests to determine if you may benefit from this type of treatment.

What Happens During Stem Cell Therapy?

Cells used for stem cell therapy are adult (somatic) stem cells that come for a patient’s own body. Embryonic cells are not used. The cells are often harvested from bone marrow, although fat tissue collected from a patient’s hips or back area is sometimes used. The collected cells are placed in a machine called a centrifuge and rapidly spun. The lab-prepared cells are then injected into the area where they are needed. Numbing gel or a local anesthetic may be used to improve your comfort during the treatment. An ultrasound or similar imaging method may also be used to help with needle guidance.

What Can You Expect After SCT in L.A.?

You may experience a temporary increase in pain until the stem cells take effect. Results from stem cell therapy in Los Angeles will vary based on the type of injury or source of pain being treated. Benefits associated with SCT may include:

  • Improvements with flexibility and range of motion
  • Faster healing and recovery with certain types of injuries
  • An ability to return to a competitive level with sports
  • Slower joint/soft tissue wear-and-tear
  • Less reliance on medication
  • Being able to delay or avoid surgery in some instances

There’s promising research suggesting stem cell therapy in Los Angeles may be able to help with the cell regeneration process in other ways than what has already been discussed here. The most notable example is what’s going on with stem cell research involving spinal cord injury victims. If you do benefit from SCT, you may be able to experience even more meaningful results if you participate in a personalized physical therapy program as you see improvements.


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